This video is in response to almost losing my twin brother. It explores three time periods, compiled from archival footage from when I was 5 years old, 4,452 photos taken during my adolescence, and a night in Paris. The soundtrack was produced by Alfred Brooks. Each of the three sections represents a different, distinct period in our lives. For the first part, I have used footage of a family walk when my brother and I were children. It features shaky, handheld filming accompanied by an ambiguous and playful narrative which aims to capture the carefree spirit of youth. The second section – comprised of 4,452 photos – represents our teenage years. It displays an intense lightshow of memories. It may seem like an overload, but this is its intention: to express a sense of the overwhelming energy adolescence. The photos are a blur of parties, recklessness, and discovery. Equally, they are portraits of growing up in a small town with nothing to do. The third and final section was filmed across 19 hours in Paris and shows a journey to a nightclub where my friend was DJing. The club represents a space of possibility; it is place of self-expression and exuberant energy, but it also a confined space that can be unpredictable and volatile. The slow motion footage of this section contrasts with the lively atmosphere of the dancers, making it reflective and sombre in its oblique reference to my brother: it was in this kind of environment - in a moment where things span out of control very quickly - that my brother nearly lost his life.